It's All in Your Head.

No, Really, It's All in Your Head



Take a deep breath. Relax.

Now try to imagine, try to visualize all the pieces of data, the processes, the automatic and the initiated functions going on in your memory, your imagination, your perceptions, and your emotions.

All of them, both coming to you and those you respond with, are resident in your head. Every one of them.

Your mental functions are not something that can be separated from your mind. Nor are your emotions, your memories or your imagination.

Even the slightest movement or twitch of any muscle of your body begins as an electrical impulse, sent from your brain through your nervous system and onto the specific muscle.

Dr. Denis Waitley and Biofeedback

In the 1980s NASA had been training their astronauts in a technique called Visual Motor Rehearsal. They found, and taught the important tie-in between visualizing something in your brain, completely and as accurately as possible, and then being able to do that task with great accuracy and ease.

Shortly thereafter the U.S. Olympic Team hired Dr. Denis Waitley to enhance the performance of the athletes using the same Visual Motor Rehearsal techniques.

The athletes were sitting in recliners and wired to very sophisticated biofeedback equipment. They were instructed to close their eyes and imagine, with as much clarity of detail as they could, competing in the events of their discipline. They were to feel the ground under them, to feel the wind rushing by and the impact the event had on their bodies as they were competing in their imagination.

Dr. Waitley and his staff discovered that as the athletes laid still and imagined their events that the same muscles fired, the same neural transmitters signaled while they were laying there as if they had been actually, physically competing.

Dr. Waitley stated that this proved that the mind can't distinguish between doing the thing in real life or doing it in your mind. He added, “If you've been there in the mind you can go there in the body.”

You Are Never “Out of Control”

All of the intentions and perceptions of things you are doing are in your head. If you are physically walking down the street, your perception of the walk, the pace, the surroundings, any physical feedback such as breathing or sweating or being thirsty, is all resident in your head.

Now to take this concept further, we must discuss the difference between your control of just your physical body, how much control your environment has upon you, and how much control you have over your environment and the world at large. Where does the “in here” end and the “out there” begin? Or where does the “in here” begin, and the “out there” end? Does either begin or end, at all?

If you can close your eyes and imagine something so vividly that muscles react the very same as if you are undergoing the event, what happens when you open your eyes and perceive the same event?

Do you react completely differently? Does additional sensory input from your ears and skin and nostrils and eyes change your physical reaction?

You Are in Control of More Than Just Yourself

Therein lies the key. Close your eyes, and you react a certain way. Then open your eyes and take in other stimuli, and you could still act the same way. It depends entirely on your perception of the thing in front of you. It is all perception. And, it's all in your head.

By learning to control your perceptions, you can effect the response. To anything, and everything. It is not happening to you as much as it is happening with you.

And in future posts we will discuss not only how those electrical impulses trigger your body muscles and thoughts, but how they affect all the other electrical fields around you that make up you, the things around you, and the entire universe we live in.

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"You are not your body.  You are not your thoughts.  You are the witness behind those thoughts."



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