Regain Your Calm With NLP

You can supercharge any positive intent, or limit any negative actions with NLP. You hold the key to turning the old, scared, nervous you into the calm, secure and confident you.

NLP is the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It can be described as a toolbox, that can be used by you at will, to make changes to your mind. Positive, lasting changes.

You need not go to years of therapy or have a major surgery. With NLP you can literally modify thought and behavior through the simple practice of NLP.

And it is all done through language.

Everything we do that is expressed to us, or to someone else from us, is done with language. Think about that.

Early cavemen grunted, made noises, growled and snorted when communicating with each others. They were not communicating as you and I do however, they were exercising elements of their know language.

We communicate with our conscious and subconscious the same way – with our chosen, learned language. So how can we speak about, or to an issue and change it for our good?

How can we use the set of techniques called NLP to model personal excellence in literally every area of our lives?

Well, let’s indeed, talk about it . .

Your Mind Is An Iceberg


Think about your mind as an iceberg. Ten percent above water – our conscious mind. And ninety percent is below the water – our unconscious mind.

Our awakened mind, or conscious mind is our rational, analytical mind. It contains our willpower, affected 24/7 by being tired, angry, lonely or even hungry.

Our unconscious mind holds our impulses and emotions within it, our strategies and habits and all of our physiological controls. It also contains our very core system – our deep held values and beliefs.

Everyday as we go through life, our conscious mind is trying to make decisions for us, guide and direct us. But there is a conflict.

The habits in our unconscious mind pierce through, and take control away from the conscious mind. Our deep held values, learned possibly early in our lives, are now controlling the response of our conscious mind, and that wrong programming can be a big problem.

Picture that you have a neighbor, struggling to get a large piece of furniture into their house. You see that, and your conscious mind says to go help.

But your old programming, your values and beliefs of your subconscious mind stop you with thoughts of staying away from certain groups of people. You might think they may take advantage of you, become over clingy, or even harm you. So you stop dead in your tracks, peering out the window, Paralyzed within your own thoughts.

As time goes on and we attempt to change those bad habits, our defense mechanisms kick in, and halt our progress. Wonder why New Year’s resolutions seldom hold fast? You’re not just trying to change a habit, you’re fighting against your subconscious mind, and guess who wins?

NLP Bypasses Those Defenses


NLP bypasses those defenses and allows you to reprogram your mind – to change bad habits, or to emphasize the good habits for achieving excellence in your life.

You get to reprogram your “mental map” of reality, how you perceive everything around you. Remember, your mental map is just that – YOUR mental map.

Your mental map is NOT reality itself. It is only your map, your perception, your values and beliefs. By enabling you to alter those deep held values, beliefs and habits, NLP then allows you to generate new positive skills, gain new outlooks, opportunities and possibilities that you couldn’t see before.

You remove the blocks and the future becomes wide open. You are re framing your “map” of reality. And as you see things through a different frame of reference new opportunities and ways to react to the old stimuli come alive.

You are open, no longer burdened and scared of the old habitual behaviors that have not served you well. It is as if a cleansing wave has washed away the old you and replaced it with a new, forward moving and excellence driven you.

You are calm and at piece, secure within yourself and your future. The future you have custom designed.

NLP is easily accessible through a wide network of Registered and Certified NLP and Master NLP Practitioners. It does require in person meetings, consultation fees vary according to client demand, location, and skill sets of the practitioner.

If you are further intrigued by this technique or the associated technique of Hypnosis and would like information on how you can become a certified practitioner you can find information here. This is presented by Dr. Steve G. Jones, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.