How I Oxygenate My Body, De-stress, And Lose Weight, All With This One Simple Exercise



Stress and fat buildup are enemies of this.


Our bodies are natural machines. Internal processes are happening in a millisecond. And long before diet fads and pills we were able to live healthy lives by simply supporting our natural functions. Here’s how I oxygenate my body, de-stress, and lose weight, all with this one simple exercise.

Here’s the facts – stress and fat hate oxygen. When you oxygenate you send life enhancing building blocks to every cell in your body. We cannot function, much less live without oxygen.

You might suggest “I’m breathing therefore, I’m taking in oxygen.” But how much?


Been To Vegas?

When someone is helping you calm down, do they not say “take a deep breath?” There are novelty O-2 stands scattered across the country where you can sit with an oxygen mask on and get a shot of oxygen for fifteen minutes – for a price.

Our day-to-day shallow breathing seldom relieves our bodies of the toxins that we are subject to every day.

So, what are we to do? Walk around huffing like a steer? Breath like a gorilla? Keep a supplemental oxygen bottle by our bedside? There is indeed a simpler way, and it’s been practiced everyday with great results.



A Simple Yet Powerful Method

It’s called the Japanese Breathing Exercise; more accurately, The Long-Breath Diet. It was actually discovered by an actor looking for relief from back pain. His name was Miki Ryosuke, he was able to shed 28lbs in a matter of weeks.

Many great things come about through ‘accidental’ circumstances. For Ryosuke the exercises were prescribed for his back pain but the results showed so much more value that the weight loss benefits far outweighed the back relief.

And so this simple exercise has been the foundation for a healthier life for many. If you would like to gain the benefits of the Long-Breath Diet follow this simple exercise.


Here’s The Simple Steps:

STEP ONE: Stand erect, feet placed comfortably apart with one foot in front the other. One heel should be forward of the other foot’s toes. Lean back slightly so that you have placed your weight over your butt. Imagine your spine behind your hips, pulling straight down.

STEP TWO: With your hands at the side of your legs, in 2 -3 seconds inhale deeply while raising you hands outward from your side and over your head. Hold your breath for 1-2 seconds when your hands touch over your head.

STEP THREE: While exhaling forcefully for 6-7 seconds, bring your hands back to your side in a steady arching motion. You should have exhaled completely as your hands return to the side of your legs. Wait for 1-2 seconds and then repeat the exercise sequences.


Combine This With Mental Focus:

It’s that simple. Focus inward, on you, on the method and the exercise while doing these. You’re not trying to blow things across the room while you exhale. You’re not trying to sound like a jet engine when you inhale.

You are simply bringing healing, energizing oxygen into you body with the help of movements that send that flow of oxygen through your cells.

There is no standard course of regiments, do what you are comfortable with. Do it often, or not. Don’t think of it as “I have to do my exercises!”

When you remember it, have a moment, consider it’s time to deeply breath life sustaining oxygen into your body. And start to see the benefits.