What To Do Right Now To Get Past The Attack



Life has reared it’s ugly head, again. You’re just getting your feet under you and, wham! Another attack. You just want to put it all behind you, in a hurry, and get back to normal. But how?

When we’re attacked we usually do one of two things. We either become very docile and shut down to varying degrees, or we ‘go to guns.’ We go on the offensive and in one fell swoop try to overcome the attack, and squash it like a bug.

Obviously shutting down doesn’t get us past the problem. And often neither does going to guns, especially if the response is ill conceived, overplayed, and designed to merely exact revenge.

There may be a time for both of those responses in your immediate future however, you need to formulate a plan rather than just have a knee-jerk response and action.

Therein lies the issue. You say to yourself, “If I can’t protect myself and hide, or I can’t kick some butt, right now, what can I do?!” Literally then, “I don’t know what to do.”

So here’s the crazy answer – you’re not supposed to know what to do, immediately. You’ll figure it out, but it’s not an immediate, knee-jerk reaction. First you need to find the answer and response that is best for you and that makes you happy. That’s right, happy.

Will That Make You Happy?

Let’s say you have three choices that will overcome the attack. Three good, solid choices. All three will squash the attack. But is that really all you want? Will the quick and easy answer (if there really is such a thing) stop future things like this happening?

Will they prosper you? Will they allow you to move forward and learn from the incident? In reality, they won’t. Those choices are only band-aids. And right now you need and want much more than that!

In each one of the knee-jerk, immediate reactions, you have formulated them from past experiences, fears, and with the results of the attack front and center in your conscious.

You Must Change Your Focus

You must change your focus from the painful hurt you’re feeling, to the positive outcome you want to achieve. Not just any positive outcome.

You need to formulate a response by seeing, feeling and focusing on the best possible answer to this problem, and the one that will bring you the greatest joy once you achieve it.

That unfortunately is where most problem solvers fail, and problems beset them again, and again.

When you allow the attack, the problem to all consume you you’ll continue to get the problem. And as painful as it is, you have to compartmentalize that pain and focus on the desired outcome. The best outcome. The big win.

As soon as the attack and the pain bubble back up into the forefront, force yourself to focus on the desired outcome. That place you want to be where you have successfully overcome this (and other issues), your healthy, wealthy and wise.

Write It Down

To help you get to that visualized place, write the place and the feelings and the experience down on a piece of paper. In great detail! And then carry that with you for the next few hours or days.

And each time the problem again rears it’s ugly head take that piece of paper out and visualize the desired outcome as you read it.

The problem and the associated pain can quickly dissolve when you completely change your focus and feelings to the desired outcome.

Reliving the attack and pain only prolongs it and gives it an arena to play out again.

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