Top 3 Ways To Get Past Strife – Regardless Of What It Is



Whatever the strife is in your life right now, there are three proven steps to see it, digest it, and ultimately get past it. And they’re not as difficult as it might first seem.

Remember, you’ve been caught off guard, making the strife loom larger than it really is. Follow these simple steps, adapt them to your personal situation, and find quick resolution so you can get on with your happy life.

#1 See It For What It Is


When we are impacted with something we were not expecting we automatically, and naturally go into a defensive mode. You could win the lottery, jump up and down then going weak at the knees with excitement.

Then we think ‘what’s the hook?’ We start to disbelieve the event is even happening without some negative consequence. Suddenly we hide our emotion.

Over time we have been conditioned to be wary because we have been duped, stung, and zinged before. Nothing is ever what it appears. It’s too good to be true.

All the negative upbringings are bouncing around in our head and easily recalled by our ego, the very thing meant to keep us safe.


#2 Take Out The Emotion

Imagine reading a description of the strife you’re experiencing as a short story, happening to someone else. You may recall a similar incident that had happened to you.

You may feel empathy for the individual portrayed in the story. You may even read the story and immediately think ‘well they should do . .’. Easy!

You are doing this because you have taken the personal emotion out of the situation, allowing you to truly see the facts of the strife.


#3 Learn From It

There is no such thing as a stress free life. We learn, grow, and mature through experiences. True experiencing trumps witnessing the event happen to someone else, every time.

I firmly believe and have proven to myself again and again that everything happens for a reason. We often can’t appreciate that, or the lesson being learned, when strife rears it’s ugly head. But we are definitely learning something.


Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

So now you ask why the event keeps happening to you. The answer may be simple.

The strife, the problem, the lesson may indeed be so large or multifaceted that we are incapable of consuming it in one bite. There are steps to learning – awareness, acknowledgment, inspection, understanding, formulation, and finally adaptation.

Can our egos and faculties handle all six steps in one instance? Maybe. But maybe not. Complexity of the situation, strife or issue dictates that.

So we go back through the lesson again. We have the same problem (or something close) again hit us when we’re not expecting it.

The answer? Follow the three steps. See it for what it is, take the emotion out, and learn what you can.

Don’t beat yourself up, or feel like a loser. You ARE learning. And we all learn at our own pace.

That’s what makes this life journey so grand!