You’re Only 17 Seconds Away From Success



Sometimes all this success stuff can be daunting. I mean, you have a routine, a set way of doing things. You feel you’re way too old to learn anything new. What you see is what you get – you’re life right now is pretty much the way it’s going to be.


Get out the big ol’ brain scrubber and get those thoughts out of your head! Nothing could be farther from the truth! You can change your life (if you need to), and you can be successful. Sometimes it’s just knowing where to start. Do you have 17 seconds?


You may of seen sales motivational stuff or attended a success seminar somewhere along in your career. Or you may of seen a speaker on the TV or in person talking about success methods and it intrigued you. But when you started thinking about the methods it overwhelmed you. The process they laid out seemed complex, time consuming, and then you had to wait who knows how long to see results.


The Process Can Be Daunting


That’s all partially true. But it’s not that intense, unless you want it to be. Everyone is on their own path. You can start with a simple process of meditation and visualization that lasts only 17 seconds. As a matter of fact, the 17 second process is very, very powerful. So forget the long drawn out processes, start with and learn the 17 second process.


Take just 17 seconds. Take a deep breath. Relax as much as you can, the more of course, the better. Now think of the positive result you want to anything and any situation. Be very clear about it. Feel the positive result. Put yourself in the picture, be a witness of yourself receiving or playing the lead role in the event. Hold that thought for a mere 17 seconds. That’s it. Complete. Finito. Done, and done. You have just started manifesting through the Law of Attraction.


Keep Going If You Want To – It’s Up To You


There of course, are other fine tuning factors you can experiment with later. But for now, practice this 17 second process multiple times a day as you get a chance. If you feel you’re progressing, do it in multiples of 17 seconds – 34 seconds, 51 seconds, so on and so on. Be positive, see and feel the outcome for 17 seconds.


Remember, you eat an entire elephant one bite at a time. And you can achieve success in 17 second bites.