They may be considered visionaries after becoming rich and famous, but we’ll just call them dreamers, for now. It’s anyone that has even given pause to the idea of a better life, a better situation, or merely a better outcome to some problem they’re encountering.

This dynamic is simply applying practical imagination to your current situation. Good, bad or indifferent, the act of imagining anything else than what you’re going through, is dreaming.

Sounds silly, giving you this explanation.


Here’s The Point


But I do so to make a point. That is, being a dreamer is not a bad thing. Even though it has a negative connotation in the public schools, or in the business world, the dreamers are the successful people. Famous, and not so famous, you can’t reach your success destination without being a dreamer.

Don’t just acknowledge the need to be a dreamer, actively seek to become one. And as you embark on your journey along the path to success, start adding times of focused daydreaming.

Stop discounting every wild-eyed idea, and just give it consideration for a moment. Ask yourself, “what if . .”. Then visualize that ‘what if’, even if just very briefly. See it, dream it!

Anyone that has ever taken a ride on the Success Train, that has ever became famous, or even washed out trying, has been a dreamer. They didn’t listen to or follow the common masses, they dreamt. They came up with crazy ideas, and far fetched notions.


Today’s Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s Successful Business People


And from all those, have come every invention we appreciate and use, today. That’s the key to dreaming. Creating a better world, a better life, and riding the Success Train all the way to the end.

Being so successful that you will one day say, “I can’t believe how blessed I am!”

That’s dreaming. And, that’s success!